Multifunction Control System

At the heart of the Knight sprayer is a sophisticated multifunction computer that controls and combines each of its many features to give you first class results.

Connect to the sprayer via your preferred ISOBUS display or install a dedicated Knight display. Your Knight spray computer can provide everything you need including automatic rate control, GPS nozzle switching, automatic boom levelling, automatic steering with hillside correction, multiple nozzle control for specially variable application and much much more. Call our sales department, 01780 722202, for more information.

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Advanced Controller

The standard in-cab controller handles all the features of your Knight sprayer with no need to add multiple devices to your tractor cab. The driver uses a, simple to operate, joystick to interact with the display. The sprayer can be unfolded and put to work with little or no reference to the display.
GPS information can be taken directly from the tractor or via a separate antenna supplied with the sprayer.

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Touch Screen Display

The Muller Touch 800 and larger Muller Touch 1200 offer the latest touch screen functionality and multi window display. They can be configured to show your preferred working screens and can be rotated through 90 degrees for portrait or landscape layout.

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ISOBUS Connection

Wheather you chose a standard spray controller or a more sophisticated multi frame touch screen you can operate all the sprayers functions from a single screen.
Alternatively, you can connect via the tractors own ISOBUS system and use the built-in display. If you have already invested in a farm management package based on another computer system, integrate the Knight sprayer through ISOBUS.

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Auto Boom Levelling

Automatic boom levelling is available at tow levels. The simple but sophisticated DC I offer height control and leveling from a two or four sensor configuration.

The more advanced DC II automatically controls the boom height, boom levelling and independent wing inclination to shape the boom to the ground contour and has the added advantage of below horizontal boom control (illustrated above).

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GPS Nozzle Control

Choose from GPS controlled switching of individual spray nozzles (EDS) for maximum efficiency with virtually no overlap or GPS automatic section switching in sections.

Accurate switching prevents missed areas and minimizes overlap, thereby improving efficiency and preventing lodging. Prescription map, variable rate control can also be achieved with multiple nozzle selection.

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Steering with Hillside Correction

The fully integrated steering system automatically follows the tractor at headlands and on hill sides.
No mechanical connections between tractor and sprayer, just a simple solid state gyro that feeds the tractor position into the computer.
Hillside correction automatically compensates for changes in terrain and keeps the sprayer in track. This is a real money saver, particularly in high value crops.

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