“Top Tiller” Seedbed Cultivator

The “Top Tiller ” is a secondary cultivator designed to produce a firm, well graded seedbed in a single pass. A row of spring mounted paddles shatter and level the surface ahead of a front packer roller that controls the depth and firms the seedbed ahead of five rows of spring tines arranged to allow a clear flow through the cultivator.

Two rows of intermeshing Crosskill rollers then provide final consolidation and clod crushing. The finished seedbed retains the finer soils near the surface for optimum seed to soil contact during drilling.

The current range of machines includes 4m, 5m and 6m working widths.

Optional equipment includes remote control of the levelling boards and cultivator tines.

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Crosskill Packer

Two rows of intermeshing crosskill rollers follow the cultivator tines to crush clods and firm the surface into the final seedbed.

To avoid blocking in stony or hard cloddy conditions the rear roller is spring loaded to automatically release obstructions.

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Sprung Levelling Tines

At the front of the cultivator a row of sprung levelling tines shatter and level the surface. When working on ploughing or heavy cultivating this closes and levels the surface to keep the fine tilth near the surface.

The tines are depth adjustable either manually or with optional hydraulics. The amount of soil carried by the tines can also be finely set with the tractors lower link draft control.

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Spring Tine Cultivation

Spring tines are arranged over five rows to a allow good clearance for a free flow of soil through the cultivator and avoid blocking.

Working depth can be adjusted relative to the front packer roller and the rear croskill rollers.

Alternative tine arrangements are available to suit your individual conditions

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