Runway De-icer

Knight provide a range of runway de-icing machines to suit most airport requirements. GPS application control and monitoring give detailed accountability and significantly reduce your chemical costs without compromising safety.

The Knight de-icer is a rugged reliable machine with a, simple to operate, control systems that helps you get the best form your de-icing operation. A stainless steel chemical tank and heavy duty spray booms combined with corrosion resistant components ensure a long life.

Call Knight today to discuss your particular requirements. We build bespoke machines with a reputation for excellent performance and reliability.

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Walkway De-icer

The 1000 litre walkway de-icer is designed to reach the hard-standing areas where it is not convenience to use larger machines.

It is equipped with a narrow spray bar at the rear and an auto-retract hose reel with hand lance for accessing the most awkward walkways or outdoor covered areas.

This wimple and compact unit is powered by its own motor or via the prime mover P.T.O.

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3000 litre Runway De-icer

This mid-size de-icer is designed to tow behind existing airport vehicles and is fully equipped with twin line air brakes on high speed axles.

The unit is self-powered and by a diesel engine with no need to make complex connections to the towing vehicle.

Hydraulically deployed spray booms are available up to 30m and can be operated in a half folded condition.

Full GPS application control and monitoring is available

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8000 litre Runway De-icer

This is a high capacity de-icer with tank sizes from 6000 to 10,000 litres can be operated at high speeds behind a range of suitably equipped tractors.

Hydraulically folded boom in any width up to 40m are available and can be operated partly of fully deployed.

Fully integrated with GPS application control, you can see exactly where the chemical has been applied and in what quantity.

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Truck Mounted De-icer

Knight truck mounted de-icing units come in a range of capacities to suit individual airfield requirement. The low profile, stainless steel, tank has internal baffles to reduce surge and improve vehicle stability.

The sprayer can be powered by the prime mover P.T.O or via a separate diesel engine. A quickly demountable version frees up the truck for other duties.

We build to suit your individual requirements

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Strong, Reliable spray Boom

The 24m heavy duty 4 Series spray boom is probably the most popular choice but widths up to 40m are available.

Multi point nozzles with automatic switching allow a wide range of forward speeds without compromising product distribution.

The sprayer will operate with the boom partly deployed for working in confined areas but quickly folds out to full width for runway operation.

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Advance Application Control

The spray nozzles are automatically switched by the GPS controller which accurately records and displays the treated area.

Multiple nozzle units automatically select the correct nozzle for the required application rate and current vehicle forward speed. Variable rates can be pre-programed and will automatically adjust according to the sprayer GPS position.

Full record keeping is available via the inbuilt Task Manager feature.

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