Trailblazer-Pro Premium Specification Trailed Sprayer

The Trailblazer-Pro ncludes ISOBUS connectivity, DCII advanced boom levelling, Fluid Control Pro work station, hydraulic drive spray pump, high capacity induction hopper, sprung drawbar, crop guards to lower chassis, tanks from 3500 litres to 6000 litres and booms from 24m to 40m.

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ISOBUS Connection To Your Tractor

  • Connect to the tractors existing ISOBUS screen or use the Knight Touch 800 or 1200 screen with full Task Controller.
  • Automated filling system operated from the cab or sprayer filling station.
  • Automatic tank fill volume calculation from field area and application rate.
  • Optional spatially variable application.
  • Outputs data in standard ISO format for use on your farm management software.

Computerised Filling Station

  • Automatic chemical induction system for easy operation.
  • Automatic clean water tank fill.
  • Unique self-cleaning plumbing.
  • High capacity induction hopper.
  • Self-cleaning container draining area.
  • Clean water container rinsing system.
  • Environmentaly friendly air blow-out system
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Steering Axle

  • Self-levelling air suspension for a smooth ride.
  • Advanced steering axle with gyroscopic tracking.
  • Automatic hill-side correction.
  • Sprayer wheels accurately track the tractor.
  • Panelld underneath for minimal crop damage.
  • Optional high level drawbar.
  • Sprung drawbar for smoother ride.

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"MAXImizer" Circulation & Control

  • Low volume, high flow "MAXImizer" plumbing system.
  • Pressurised sprayline circulation with auto cleaning.
  • Spraylines remain at spraying pressure ensuring instant switching.
  • Optional Multiple nozzles bodies or twin spray lines.
  • Excellent nozzle protection with clear visibility and good access to nozzles.
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"4 Series" Boom

  • Strong and reliable 4 series boom.
  • Available in 12m/24m, 14m/28m and 15m/30m folding.
  • Optional hydraulic boom incline.
  • Optional “one side folding” facility.
  • Contour following suspension optimised for automatic levelling.

"Tri-fold" Boom

  • An advance triple folding boom with proven reliability.
  • Available in widths up to 40m and can be used at 24m.
  • 4D boom suspension with advanced auto levelling.
  • Bellow level operation for difficult terrain.

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